"a sanctuary of sound"


Find a space of reprieve from the white noise of the city in these cityscape inspired cocoons of incredible sound in Nolita, New York and Mission, San Francisco.

Taking their illustrious history and raison d'être of driving the culture of sound innovation and their passion for excellence as a point of departure we, alongside long-time partner in design Helen Sirp, crafted the stores as aural oases in the centre of the two savvist cities in the USA.

The client was thrilled. Sales were made. Press went bananas.


Sennhesier Mission Store_Saintil Communications.jpg
Sennhesier Mission Store Render_Saintil Communications.jpg
Sennhesier Nolita Store Render_Saintil Communications.jpg
Sennhesier Nolita Store_A Board_Bags_Saintil Communications.jpg
Sennhesier Nolita Store_Party _With_Martinez Brothers_Saintil Communications.jpg
Sennhesier Nolita Store_Event_Martinez Brothers_Saintil Communications.jpg